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Follow Chantal as she realizes that she has long been a host for alien consciousnesses.
As the consciousnesses of the universe clamour for their chance at physical experience, Chantal Beauregarde has become an increasingly popular destination. When one tag-along too many brings awareness to the surface, how will Chantal navigate a life where she's not the only voice in her own head?

Fast-paced, warm, and often darkly funny, The Tourist Destination follows Chantal as she realizes that she has long been a host for alien consciousnesses tagging along on her experiences. Pimped out by her "guardian angel" Mav, Chantal has actually become a Premiere Earth-Bound Preferred Experience Destination. But when is she going to start seeing some of the rewards? And how will she keep the voices in her head from ruining her perfect life?

Chantal is an average woman. Middle class, middle aged, middle weight, mom of kids in middle school (a boy and a girl, of course), middling attractive, middle management material. At least, she hopes so, after three years working her way back to the corporate-ladder rung just below the one she left before having kids. Preoccupied and busy, focused on meeting all life's expectations, it's not surprising she's not really in touch with her body and spirit. That's what makes her such a good tourist destination.
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Empath Miriam rises from rock bottom for one last try at elusive redemption.
Redemption follows empath Miriam as she learns what it means to walk the Earth as one of her Kind. From rock bottom, she must find her way back with the unlikely help of nemesis Jonathan through the brambles and tangles of memories she tried to forget. Different timelines reveal her world, her importance, and her own struggles with humanity and loss. Enter Miriam's history at different points to discover insights that explain the mystery and purpose of her journey home, and what it means to offer and seek redemption in an evil world.
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Timeless Episode One


Mouse takes on the city in search of belonging, and how to be her own girl.
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  • LANGUAGE English