Episodic Fiction

Stories revealed in real time.

Which Writes provides a home where readers and writers connect early and often, building enthusiasm and energy for stories as they emerge.


Much like a television series, Writers begin with a pilot. We publish "log lines", a synopsis, and a sample of the story. Then we seek an audience who wants to see this story produced. Using digital marketing tools and social engagement, we let the people who are waiting for what we're writing know it exists. We invite them to engage in the story we're creating. We ask them to read.

Which Writers never struggle for ideas to write about; in fact, we have waiting lists of characters and stories that want to come through us. Our question is – which stories do you want to read?

We can’t sit in our alcove, madly writing in isolation with dark circles under our eyes, forgetting to eat. Okay, we can. But only when we know you’re there, waiting with baited breath, for what’s next from the story coming through us.

We need you to read, crave, and demand more from our characters and stories, to care about their decisions, wonder impatiently what’s going to happen next and how it will all turn out. We are partners in bringing the story to life.

Introduce Yourself


Much like a television audience, Readers browse the premises and sample the shows. We snack on the previews to get a feel for the voice and see if we feel captured. If the story grips us, maybe we binge on all the episodes already there. We "Spark It" to encourage the writer to release the next episode. We comment and discuss the stories with the writers and each other.

Which Readers read…a lot. We love the ways that story and reality reflect each other, the ways writers play with language and description, engaging and experiencing a thousand stories from anywhere, all the time.

We know how much our energy matters in the early stages, to encourage and inspire the writers. And while we trust their direction, we can’t help but also share our own ideas of what should happen next, who should fall in love, what characters should do. And when we do, sometimes, we change everything. We are partners in bringing the story to life.

Read and Spark


As we build the ecosystem and world of each story through the writing, stories can spawn other creative outpourings, such as video, audio readings, illustrations, music, fashion, graphics, alternate or expanded story lines, character backgrounds, and more. Writers and Readers engage together to build out the worlds that are created and bring the stories to life through multi-media. This is the fun part!

Readers, writers, actors, musicians, artists, designers…we all feel inspired by the worlds of these emerging stories. We can bring a scene or an exchange to life with a doodle, a photo, or a song. We might add our voice to the audio, or our music to a moment, or our vision to the fashion. Together, we build a multi-sensory experience for our favourite stories, adding colour and life to these worlds we adore. Myriad perspectives envision and imagine the same moments in many different ways. What inspires you?


Become a Part of Our Community

Every day a thousand stories clamour to be told, hundreds of characters vying for life. Writing is the vehicle. Reading is the journey. ​When you respond to the story, the story responds to you. It becomes what it's becoming because you ask it to.

Which Writes provides a home where readers and writers connect early and often, building enthusiasm and energy for stories as they emerge. Write, Read and Create with us!