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You are the life breath that lets us make our first wail.
You are the voice that the next person hears.
You are the mouth of the word.
You are the mantra we repeat to ourselves to keep going.
You are the laughter and joy that calls the stories forth.

You matter even more than the writing . You make every next step possible.

Which Members create the foundation of readers, writers and creators that coax, create, and demand the next episode, and the next, for some of the most interesting and relevant fiction of our strange times.

We're just getting started. Becoming a member now supports our launch, not because you're paying (though it helps) but because you are standing up beside us, saying, I love what I see and I want to see more.

Plus, as the earliest of adopters, you are a lifetime member, with "first five free" access to taste the first five episodes of any story we produce, ever. The first 100 members also receive a Timeless T-Shirt and access to behind the scenes material. Which Members are automatically on Team Timeless, where you will be consulted about all the early decisions for this, our first release, helping propel the story into the wild unknown.