Write For Our Community

Writers need rapid prototyping. We have ideas, so many ideas, and each one demands time and attention. How many of us have unlimited time to pursue every story? Which ones do we write?

The answer is: the ones that have energy.

But how do we gauge?

It’s not enough to just put it out there. Everyone’s a blogger, there’s so much to read. It’s not enough to write and write for years until it’s finished, only to face rejections and a tepid response. The problem isn’t our ideas or our writing, it’s that our audience never finds us.

Which Writers work to find our audience, and invite them in.

Which Writers are collectively figuring out how to find our audience and invite them in, early and often. Episodic writing lets us release Episode One before we finish the whole. We can build a world around a single episode – images, sounds, polls, engagement, discussion and video. We can create an ecosystem of media that lets a reader feel they’ve been part of an experience, just reading our episode. We can advertise with a smaller budget than for a whole work, and see who we attract. We can read the energy our writing attracts, and be influenced by that, or not. We can see what response looks like, and decide whether this story is the one to keep our focus. We can be ready with Episode Two in case we suddenly release a tsunami of interest. We can direct producers and publishers to our early work and get a Netflix series. Or something.

We’re starting with what we know, which is actually quite a lot when we consider what everyone we know knows. Our network of advisors includes digital media gurus, digital advertising specialists, creative geniuses, and the leadership of CA (Cheryl) Ives, who has agreed to eat our dogfood first. Timeless: An Urban Legend has been creating itself through her for 12 years, and this is how she’s bringing it into the world. We can stand with her, and hold her on our shoulders. Let’s do that for each other.

We’ll build from here. If you want to learn with us, we’re stronger together. The first thing you can do is to become a Which Writer for a single, lifetime contribution of $50. As one of the first 10 writers who join, you automatically become a Golden Member with lifetime access to every Which Writes Production. Best of all, you can protoype one of your writing projects on our platform.  We’ll help you release Episode One based on what we know so far. You can see what we’ve tried, and you can try, too. Let’s find out what works together.