About the Author

Meet our guinea pig: CA Ives.

I have this big idea for connecting people who love existentially-relevant stories with the people longing to spin them. People might say I’m eating my own dog food, though I’d rather say I’m serving the truth in story that wants to come through me, and I’m disciplining myself to learn how to bring that out into the world.

Once I know, I can help you and the people you love figure it out, too.

I wonder who you are, you people who are going to love what we’re up to, and how on Earth I’m going to get your attention in this manic planet of noise. I will do my best, and with any luck, you’ll find me. Then maybe we’ll be Us, maybe later there will be many authors on this site, and a whole community of people clamouring to share each other’s stories into the world.

Could be. But I’ll just start here with me, with the story I’ve been learning on for twelve years, in and out, on and off, in the cracks and crevices and the deep dives. I hope you see the potential in this world of Timeless. I hope you love it. A whole team of people has brought their best into the first prototype produced by Which Writes, just for you.

Stay involved. You matter here.

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Our Content Producer

I create and keep track of all of the digital media for Timeless. From preparing recording dates to building our audiobooks from scratch, I'm always there to ensure that the project keeps being pushed forward! I also conduct promotional video shoots and small films to bring the story to life visually. Timeless has helped me grow as a creative because of the raw approach we take at tackling something bigger than a small group of people should handle. We have some interesting characters in Timeless, and the actors that play those roles are awesome!

Web Programmer

I am a BSc Computer Science student at Wilfrid Laurier. I also have a strong background in management, programming, and the visual arts. From improving SEO scores, to working on the website and coming up with additional content ideas, I help the project move forward. Timeless is a dream come true for many creators and project fanatics, including myself. The sky’s the limit. And, we are here to oversee the web-based project flourish and reach its maximum potential.

Marketing Strategist

I'm Orion! I am currently finishing my first year of university and am looking forward to being able to help bring Timeless to life over the summer. I help handle some of our Timeless social media platforms where I share snapshots and snippets from the story. Working with the amazing team we have has been a great learning experience and I am so excited for the future of Timeless!